A Consumer Centric Protein Investment Platform


Established in 2007 as the ad tech market began to form, Linn Grove recognized early on that the technology rich business environment of the Canadian Prairie Provinces and the Midwestern States will continue to excel in the healthcare, agriculture, food, and animal health markets.

By founding early stage companies and co-investing with others, we have established a strong investment portfolio first in the medical field and then in agricultural technology.

We are proud to participate in continuing our regions rich history of world-class companies and innovation.


FAIRONA is the Animal Health Division focusing on partnerships with producers to identify and develop technologies that solve problems with a focus on consumer expectations.

What We Do


Our broad network of strategic partners provide access and exclusivity to emerging technology for our primary investor partners, who operate in the field of production agriculture; Livestock Producers.


Aligning with livestock producer partners, we develop and test technology for commercial relevance in their production systems.


After an agreed upon exclusive use period by a livestock producer partner, we utilize our industry supply chain connections for broad commercial application or divestment of the now proven technology.

Current Platforms


FAIRONA has licensed Phentural(fin-tur-al) an advanced polyphenol product, with multiple patents, for  animal health applications from Farm Health Technologies.

Product Profile

  • Contains natural active ingredient extracts from plants, a specific group of polyphenols designed to minimize and restore intestinal damage, eliminate scours, reduce inflammation and protects gut from stress.
  • Is listed as G.R.A.S (Generally Regarded as Safe) and FDA Compliant, Ingredients are listed in the AFFCO Manual (Association of American Feed Control Officials).
  • Field use by producers shows restoration of digestive balance resulting in consistent reduction in scours and mortality in baby calves.
  • Strong data package in multiple species indicating strong likelihood of successful broad-based market adoption.


FAIRONA believes Phentural, a polyphenol made from patented plant extracts, provides a key to reducing reliance on traditional antibiotics in an agricultural production setting.

FAIRONA believes the use of Phentural will aid producers in meeting consumer expectations by reducing reliance on antibiotics to limit bacterial resistance.

FAIRONA also believes there is an untapped potential of Phentural in other applications to minimize overall levels of bacteria, virus’ and fungus’ in grain and meat processing environments.

SB Edge

FAIRONA has licensed SB Edge a Collagen Type 2 for worldwide animal applications from Dr. Kramer and Sioux Biochemical Inc.

Product Profile

  • Contains a proprietary Type 2 Collagen, which is sourced from bovine trachea.
  • Sioux Biochemical uses a proprietary method of extraction to maximize the quality of Collagen Type 2.
  • It replenishes vital protein to support growth, vitality and animal well being.


FAIRONA believes Sioux Biochemical’s unique extraction and manufacturing process provides significant advantages in the animal health market sector.

FAIRONA believes the use of an advanced collagen type 2 product will aid producers in meeting consumer expectations of a smaller carbon footprint as a natural process to accelerate growth and feed efficiency in food producing animals.

FAIRONA also believes there is untapped potential in a collagen type 2 product to enhance animal well being for deer* and companion animals.

*non-bovine based


We are currently looking at other technologies that reduce reliance on antibiotics, minimize carbon footprint, and increase sustainability in livestock production.

The Team

Dan Ellsworth
Chief Executive Officer
Madison, WI

Dan is an accomplished Senior Executive and Thought Leader with more than 25 years of success in the agriculture marketing, sales, distribution, and radio-frequency identification industries. He has  extensive experience running complex projects driving organizational improvements to achieve growth objectives.  His key areas of expertise include acquisitions/integration, strategic marketing, vision casting, people development, livestock vaccine markets, and organizational alignment.

Dan has held multiple executive leadership positions in market leading companies, public policy advocacy organizations and non-profits firms. Most recently serving as President/CEO of ANIMART LLC.  He led a team through transition from a small state player to a broad regional firm with a presence from 2 states to a presence in over 20 from 2012 to 2019.

He is the founder of TCQ Solutions LLC a strategic consulting firm, helping small to medium size companies expand and capture market opportunities.

He has served on multiple Industry Boards including Durvet Animal Health, AgriLabs Animal Health, American Dairy Coalition, Dairy Cares of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Dairy Business Association Legislative Committee.

He currently serves as President of Wisconsin Water Alliance and Chairman of the Board for Asian Partners International.

Dan grew up on cow/calf operation in the Northwest Colorado town of Meeker.  He graduated from Colorado State University in 1995, with a BA in Political Science and has a Master’s in Business Administration from Bellevue University in Nebraska.

He currently lives near Madison WI, with his wife of 26 years and has two children both pursuing their college education.

Dan Hodgson
Fargo, ND

In 2007, Dan began organizing capital and experience in the Upper Midwest by organizing successful entrepreneurs into angel investor funds to build on the successful economy and innovation that was outperforming many other areas.

LG funds became one of the first funds in ag, animal, and food tech, beginning in health technology and looking to apply to bring efficiency to food production, building on the leadership in this market during the 90’s by the companies that have been built in this region.

As the ag, animal, food, and health tech market grew, more capital was organized on the coasts, those in the Midwest where production is based remained cautious about which technology would provide long term value that would be embraced by the labor force. The companies began making changes internally to prepare for a market with increased technology while continuing to struggle with labor force challenges.

In 2014, as the LG funds needed to decide when it was time to raise the next fund, and the ag/animal/food/ Dan partnered with experienced entrepreneurs to found FarmQA, to build an IOT platform for agriculture and lead in connecting to the sensors that would measure for increased process control, partnering with the top sensor companies in the space, the top investors in ag tech, and the largest production companies globally.

With deep experience in agriculture in the CIS countries through FarmQA, Dan is close to the distribution challenges and implementation challenges that are the greatest barriers to investment in this space.

He lives in Fargo, ND, with his wife, Sue, and has 2 married children with 5 grandchildren.

Strategic Advisors

Mr. Manuel Serrano

Mr. Serrano is the inventor and innovator of Phentural™ this novel non antibiotic formulation. He’s an entrepreneur. He holds more that 25+ years of experience in Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements. He has helped handful companies to move from Research & Development to multi-million dollar acquisition.

Dr. Allan Kramer

Dr. Kramer received his M.S. in Organic Chemistry from Kansas State University in 1970 and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from American University, Washington D.C. in 1974. He is founder and co-owner of Sioux Biochemical, Inc. and has served as its president since its inception. He worked at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD doing research on Multiple Sclerosis.

Mr. John Oliver

Mr. Oliver became President of DowElanco Canada Inc in 1989, a joint venture between Dow Chemical and Eli Lilly to research, manufacture, and market crop protection and plant biotechnology products.

Founding member of the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association. Past chairman of the Crop Protection Institute and the Canadian Animal Health Institute. A member of the Agricultural Institute of Canada,. Inducted into the Canada’s Agricultural Hall of Fame – 2013.

Dr. Wayne Freese

Dr. Freese has practiced veterinary medicine for more than 40 years in Southwest Minnesota at Vet Medical Center, a large mixed animal practice based in Worthington, MN. He co-founded Oxford Laboratories (now owned by Merck), Newport Laboratories (now owned by Merial) and is the founder and an owner of Cambridge Technologies. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board in Cambridge Technologies.

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